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    "There is work that is so important to you, to your family, to your business, to your country, even to the world, that only an instrument of the finest quality is good enough to assist you. Through its physical properties and its history, this fine instrument must inspire you and kindle your creative powers and excellence, it must endure long stretches of use without ever letting you down, and with time it must come to know your habits. The supreme purpose of this fine instrument is to enable you to accomplish your ends and fulfil your dreams.

    The MB is such an instrument."


    Each MB is made to order of wood, metal, leather and precious metals and stones by our experienced craftsmen. The Emerald MB was made as part of the Classic Bespoke collection and presented in 2010. Its surfaces are of aluminium, its screen frame of mahogany and its underside and top are covered with calf leather. The on/off button is crafted of 18 carat gold and fitted with a diamond.


    For further information about our fine personal computers, please contact us at sales@munkbogballe.com or call us on +49 3023185107.

  • MB Emerald - Munk Bogballe
  • MB Emerald - Munk Bogballe

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